We have several fundraisers that we sponsor on an annual basis. We rely on these sales to help subsidize the operations of the school. We rely on parent and student volunteers to generate sales and supply the work force.

We ask our parents to work 10 hours each year to help with these fundraisers. In addition, we require our 7/8 students to contribute a total of 20 hours in volunteer work in order to graduate.

Our primary fundraiser is the pasty sale to raise money for new textbooks and technology. This venture requires an hour or two of work on a Friday afternoon, and an additional hour after school to set-up, or 2 hours of work or more, on Saturday as we assemble and bake the pasties (a meat pie with potatoes and seasonings).

Each November we sell fruit. We have established a reputation in the community for excellent quality, and we now have customers who call us to order on a regular basis. The fruit is delivered in December. The 7/8 students unload, sort, and then assemble the fruit assortments and individual orders. Parents are asked to help supervise this process.

We also sponsor the SCRIP gift certificate program. Parishioners purchase the gift certificates and use them like cash, and the merchants give us a discount on the certificates. The percentage varies from 2% to 20%, but it all adds up. Parents are able to earn tuition credits by purchasing SCRIP, equal to 19% of the rebate. Some parents have earned well over $1000 of tuition credits using this method.

At the end of the school year we also have a Run for Fun and Fun Fest. This has turned into a major fundraiser and parents are encouraged to help with this activity. Committee work begins on this in February or March. All types of activities go on so much help is needed including monitoring the run, helping in the kitchen, selling raffle tickets, etc.

Little Caesar’s Pizza is sold in the fall and spring of the year. In addition, we collect General Mills’ Boxtops, the Milk Moola Caps and labels from Kwik Trip, Campbell’s Soup Labels, Coca Cola caps and labels. Ink jet and laser cartridges and used cell phones may also be turned in for profit to the school. Aluminum cans are also collected on the school grounds and picked up for reimbursement to the school.

Fundraiser Forms

Pasty Order Form
Fruit Order & Pricing Info
Fruit Basket
Fruit & Cheese Order Form
SCRIP Order Form
Run for Fun Sign-Up Form
Fun-Fest Volunteer Form
Little Caesar’s Pizza Order Form



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