Mrs. Bev Dunbar

Mrs. Bev Dunbar

middle school team, seventh grade

I have been teaching since 1982. I have taught everything from preschool to 8th grade. My very
first job was here at St. Joseph School teaching first and second grade. At that time all the
classes, with the exception of kindergarten, were combined classrooms. It was a challenge
being a new teacher and having to teach both first and second grade, but I loved it. After
teaching here for 2 years, my husband and I moved to Tomah. For many years I taught in the
Tomah School District, teaching kindergarten, first and fifth grade.

In 2000 a change in my husband’s career brought our family back to Dodgeville. For the first few
years after returning to the area, I had a variety of jobs, before being hired to teach here at St.
Joe’s. I taught preschool for 1 year and then was hired to teach 6-8 Language Arts. I have been
teaching at this level since 2012 and though it was an adjustment at first, I really enjoy working
with middle schoolers.

Currently, my husband and I are empty nesters. Our 3 children all attended the University of
Wisconsin: my son, Ed, has a degree in medicine, my daughter, Katie, is a veterinarian, and my
second daughter, Alicen, is a designer for a company in Denver.

I have truly enjoyed returning to teach at St. Joseph School. I have had the opportunity to work
with children of my former students, and have the chance to feel like I am making an impact on
my students.